SLIM Model for Organizational Excellence

"We Ensure Best Results for-
Maximum Profits & An Accelerated Growth"


  • A company with global presence, driven by principles of Lean and helping organizations to drive Continual Business Excellence by Defining the Business Needs, Designing Strategy and Aligning Operations & Support functions with Strategy.
  • A division of 15 year old JCE Mgmt Services.
  • Started by Dr. Ashok Puri , direct acolyte of Sensei Masaaki Imai- Kaizen Guru.
  • Were part of Masaaki Imai led Kaizen Institute India for more than 8 years.
  • Combined industry experience of over 75 years in Manufacturing , Transactional , Healthcare, Construction ,IT/ITes etc
  • Expertise in TPS fundamentals , Radical Lean Transformations & Continual Business Excellence
  • We excel in Training ,Consulting & Execution of Lean Fundamentals as apart of SLIM.


How are we doing marketing and sales to bring in new customers?

What/How are we doing at taking care of existing customers?

What are we doing to manage and build strong relationships with our important customers?

Are employees happy and actively engaged in theirjobs?

Are they healthy and safe at work?

How are we really doing on ethics and diversity?

Do we have the right people with the right skills for today and tomorrows work?

Are we effectively communicating with our employees and other key partners?

How are we doing on our major client projects?

Are we consistently producing and delivering high quality products/services?

Are we maximizing the productivity of our people and other major resources?

Are the performance improvement initiatives we’re working on really working?

How are we doing at researching and developing new products and services?

How are we doing on our major strategies or goals that link to our vision?

Are we profitable and getting good return on investment ?

How is our market share?

How is our cash flow?

How do our future financial results look?

Are we growing & expanding?


Towards Digital Lean…a collaboration between JCE/LICG…& OBI Ventures…

Contact Us for best Operations related solutions ..

Dr Ashok Puri
✆ Phone: 9810030260
✉ Email:

Towards Digital Lean…a collaboration between JCE/LICG…& OBI Ventures…

Contact Us for best Operations related solutions ..

Kamal Singla
✆ Phone: 7307247450
✉ Email:

LICG collaboration with OBI Ventures for Process Simulation based solutions …

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Don’t Ignore Small Problems

The Kaizen philosophy is simple: Great Change is made through small steps. And the techniques are easy, yet all – encompassing:
Asking Small Questions
Thinking Small Thoughts
Taking Small Actions
Solving Small Problems

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